Trump and Carson are working to get the black vote. They are doing this as a team. The black vote is saying “Y’all just keep stuffing the ballot boxes where you can. And eat all the mayonnaise you will.”

I can see why The Person County Commissioners have turned their only slightly prolapsed assholes up to Republic Waste Services for a dollar. What the hell else is there in this benighted corner of tobacco exhausted earth to squeeze a nickel out of but the remaining water and land resources? And as for the blindass Republican residents who’ll be displaced or dispossessed by the industry scabs they voted into office, at least they’re offering you a little shit to eat before you die. Of cancer.


I will offer this encomium for Duke Energy’s bagman Tracey Kendrick. All you’ve got to do to get him to suck your dick is tattoo a dollar sign on it.  While that may sound cheap and dirty to some, it takes more dedication to a lack of principle than most of us could manage without a strong dose of bath salts. White trash represent!

The media lost the thread entirely. And they’ll be satisfied with a Trump presidency.

I knew people in Journalism school in college. And when they weren’t soliciting me to write papers for them, they were scouting the supermarkets for black pajamas to dress for the earliest iterations of the Nader fuckpile.
It really hasn’t changed much. There’s an occult misogynist culture in journalism that rewards mayonnaise, and however enlightened a writer might appear, there’s a simple test to give them.
Does Hillary Clinton piss your white ass off?
Be honest with us, for a change.

Thirty years in jail ought to straighten his ass out.


One problem Putin and Trump face is the inability to use anything other than concrete language to try and elide their mutual policy positions. There’s a comic lack of subtlety in the anti-Semitic, anti-feminist cant bleeding through their pose as populists. Leftists. Campaign reform douchebros.
The champions of the wikileaks crap sound like shitfaced Cossacks looking to stir up a pogrom.

I always wondered which pores the Orthodox seminary training of Stalin would choose to seep through the placid murderous cool of Putin. How the death of the Soviet Union would warp its true believers- its bloody handed evangelicals. It’s in the insistence; the barely concealed hysterics of Putinians, and the miserable flailing of the Trump campaign.

My question is, how long did the Republican Party feed at that Russian tit? How far back?

Was Reagan trying to marginalize Gorbachev to destabilize the Soviet regime, or was he just looking for a more effective partner in a fresh Molotov–Ribbentropp pact?

The only thing I know is both Soviet anti-Semitism and Russian Federation anti-Semitism are currently the guiding doctrine of the Eurotrash and American Right. Judging from the pervasiveness and the uniformity of the message, the people who’ve crafted this approach to the dismantling of the postwar western consensus have been at this game since the ascendancy of the Romanovs.

When you see your good buddy with a Trump sticker on his pickemup, be sure and let that white trash motherfucker know he’s sucking KGB crank like a common 1950’s Albanian shitwhistle.

Republicans have always been sweet on dictators of every stripe. It’s all about the misperception of power common to people frozen in adolescence. They’re the hair bands and their fanboys taken to a bloody extreme.

Gunhumping murder trash misogyny.

Suspect in Baton Rouge cop killings: “Don’t get a woman if you cant keep her in check”

H.A. Goodman and Cliven Bundy have met.


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