There isn’t a Republican alive who wouldn’t quietly and happily eat his evening meal while the families of people he disagrees with are gassed. This isn’t a political matter. It’s a matter of people gone horribly awry.

The nihilism of the Republican party has metastasized into the moral equivalent of end stage cancer. The tumor devoured the forebrain a long time ago. Now it’s eating the stem.


… hear the old mumbleshits out at Nancy Nall talking about how “Republicans abandoned their compass.” There was never any compass, and I told you. But you all liked licking that Republican crank. From Jackash to beb, basset and Bitter, they were all happiest when licking whatever fascist ass strode through, and Nancy was the facilitator. Your objections now are too late and frankly, hollow. You care more about stuffing some hog in your fucking throat than anything else. Always a guaranteed blowjob for Republicans over there.

Please stay way from the Democratic Party. We don’t need or want your traitor asses.

White trash with a gun fetish.

Except for the veteran part, he sounds an awful, awful lot like Chris Weaver and his little acolytes.

…when the douchebags out at Nancy Nall’s home for NPR mumbleshits got a stick up their asses over Hillary’s calling Trump’s halitotic little Fascists “deplorables.”

If it walks like a Republican, talks like a Republican, and spouts shit from its face-hole like a Republican, it’s a fucking Republican. And they’re taking up too much valuable oxygen.

Looks like the crew out at Nancy Nall’s home for moribund white goblins are bending over backwards to horf some republican crank.

Case in point, JeffTMMO defender and gouty old sumbitch “the scribe of much bitterness.”

Bitter Scribe said on September 26, 2018 at 10:08 am

Nancy, kudos to you for rescuing (that’s the right word) that little boy. I sure hope that idiot mother gets a clue before the kid wanders off again and there’s no Nancy to save him.

Deborah: Avenatti is about five minutes away from going permanently into my “tiresome opportunist” file.

Well, shitfuck, Avenatti just sank you and your Republican friends’ boats. Suck it.

How you likin’ the taste of that Republican dick now?

Don’t worry. They may not pull your goddamn fingernails out before they gas your dumb asses.

…of gunhumping Republican murder trash and child molesters is a circle.