Because he’s a grifter, just like his wife. I’d like to see full disclosure of his campaign contributors. How many of them do you reckon are Republican sugar daddies?

Marxists are always wannabe crooks who just couldn’t find their game.

There is no separation from

I’m as big a Trotskyist as the next son of a bitch but lets get real motherfucker

5/19/2016 12:40 PM

Steep climb to the nomination? Sumbitch can barely make a flight of stairs.

He lost, and this phase of his grift is coming to an end. Pretty soon he’ll be the Fox News liberal they go to when they want to pretend to bash Hillary from the left. It doesn’t require nearly as much effort as defrauding a college, or being a senator for a couple of potheads and some cows.
Get out, ashy old cracker.

Sanders’ campaign is an embarrassment to adults. It should be a source of profound embarrassment to people who believed he was capable of following Barack Obama as President. Sanders is only a beacon of hope for Republican ratfuckers and Rand Paul tech bro beat-offs.

He’s Trump’s only shot at the White House. Gordon Liddy’s wet dream. Nader’s Nader. Smell that old man ass, suckers. I remember when he was supposed to “pull Hillary to the left.” Who’s going to pull the old son of a bitch back to Vermont to finish out his fucking cow-country sinecure?

I’ve got goddamn chickens who are a better judge of human character.
You bastards are due for a long, long period of rigorous self examination, and I don’t mean PLAYING WITH YOUR DICKS some more. Feel the burn in a goddamn fire, fucks.

BREAKING: Burlington College Closes Due To “Crushing Weight of Debt” Acquired By Jane Sanders

They’re staying in the campaign to shake down a few more morons. I guess that free college tuition Sanders is promising is based on his wife’s experience.

Read it and throw a few chairs, dipshits.

Piece of dislocated carpetbagging Ohionnaise Pat McCrory has pulled his nose out of the shitter long enough to make noises with his facehole, and they are noises about yet more stuff a loser from West West Virginia doesn’t know jack shit about.

Get back to Colombus you whiny lubricous crapsack.

Republicans don’t just need to be barred from public restrooms, they need to be barred from any form of public life. People used to put nature’s hideous errors in the basement or attic and feed them through a slot in the goddamn door. That’s the only place for fart sniffers like Pat.

The cock ring of Donald trump, to be specific. Like Chris Christie, Perry’s prepared to vanish up Donald’s asshole and assimilate. It’s not like this outcome is in doubt for any of them. All of the Republicans will obey the whistle and jump up that ass, because that’s what being a Republican is. It’s a lifetime of rubbing and nudging and sucking the boss and hoping he’ll regurgitate a thimbleful of pearly nectar-a lifelong celebration of one’s natural tendency to subordination.

There isn’t a fully developed independent being among them.


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