Check your white ass into a mental hospital. Because it gave wings to the trash in your soul.


…sums up the general spinelessness of NPR and its slithering little fartbox lickers. Mediocrities who were born to boo-hoo-hoo when it’s their turn to board the trains for the death camps, but not a minute before. Among the most disgusting creatures America has vomited up in the age of broadcast media.

Chaim Rumkowski is their mentor.

Y’all need to find you a new Jesus. Your current one is a piece of shit.

This is pretty much par for the course for our local hick dreck. Republicans using every scrap of power they can get to enrich themselves.

He’s an evangelical, too. These people believe in nothing. And it believes in them.

Acosta resigned today because the Republicans knew a congressional inquiry would uncover their part in an international child sex ring. The speed with which this happened is the tell.

Keep fluffing Republicans, you bothsides trash. You’re abetting crimes against humanity.

And white evangelicals are gutter. Pure goddamn gutter.

…you can say about this piece, but it’s splendid, to put it mildly.

Death and Life in Great American Cities

Hang them all. Hannity, Corsi, Fox and Friends. Feed them to the crows.

When I read this, it struck me that these are the circles Trump runs in. The Genovese crime family. Russian drug traffickers. Epstein’s child prostitution ring, the New York construction mob. Trump talks this way because he behaves this way. He never ended up in jail because there was always someone to buy him out.

I’m not going out on a limb when I accuse Donald Trump of murder. It’s well within the pathological scope of his friends and supporters. And every Republican is helping him strangle this country.

That night, October 18, the men happened to be talking about a girl they knew, Joanie, or Joanie the Jew, as they called her sometimes, alias Joanie Grant, real name, Joan B. Carroll. The men were discussing how Joanie “had to go.” And when she walked into the restaurant, Mastracchio said, “This is beautiful.”
He invited her to party; promised her drugs. She told him she had to go home, attend to personal matters, check on her child. They made a date for later that night.
When she returned she parked her car around the corner and left with Gilbert and Mastracchio to rent a hotel room in Attleboro, Massachusetts, just over the Rhode Island line. They all shot up cocaine. Mastracchio appeared from the bathroom holding a wet towel and started to strangle her. Her legs went out from under her and as she struggled, Mastracchio yelled for Gilbert to help him. As her face turned purple, Gilbert stepped on one end of the towel for leverage and Mastracchio said, “Come on, you rat, give me the death rattle.” Then, when she was finally dead, they wrapped my mom’s body in a blanket, put it in the trunk of the car, and drove off, pulling eventually to the side of I-95, where they left her body in a marshy area off the exit ramp. She’d officially be a missing person for the next six months.

There isn’t a Republican alive who hasn’t had his lizard dick in a child. They’re all rapists. That white shit belongs in a jailhouse or on a gallows.