After they’re jailed, we can figure out which mine they’ll work the remainder of their lives.


…who should be waiting for the hangman to drop them feet first into hell. Pending that outcome, they should all be eating shit at the jailhouse instead of sucking dick at the fellowship hall.

These fuckers use more hair product than the whole R&B scene of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Fundies must love running their hair through that shit when they get their fuckpiggy boff on.

I fucking toldja.

Keep on a suckin’ that Repug dick.

If there’s a God, they’re going to have their flesh peeled off in hell. They’re a cabal of closeted gay or pedo ministers, whose congregants willingly offer their children as fucktoys. No other group of adult men would wear their hair in that pedo pompadour.

I’ve seen them grabassing each other in public. Every Sunaday and Wednesday night must be a fuckpile of guilt greased with hair product.

Save your boo-hoos for people who put country above party. Not this piece of oil trash.

for the white fuckdollops out at Nancy Nall to revisit their Eurotrash origins.

The whole of the Midwest is actually kind of a sister state of Poland- an amalgam of insulin resistance, advanced cardiovascular disease and Aesopian slurs. Once the marching starts in earnest in Ohier, they’ll need to keep ambulances on standby.

…imprisoned briefly, then shot in the head. There can be no tolerance for nihilists. They aren’t even good fertilizer.

…Your moderate Ohio Republican always wanted. Whether they were licking Nixon’s or Reagan’s or Bush’s crack, they always wanted to kill women. Because they are fuuuuucked up people. Psychobabbling trash and their spermatazorastrianism.

And “liberals” who give them a platform are accomplices. You need an asskicking, and you need to shut the fuck up and hide for the remainder of your idiot days.

… of this child should be jailed for the remainder of their worthless lives.