This election isn’t just about the white US regressing to its proslavery id, it’s about a universal entropy picking every shred of decency into its constituent atoms. Everything appears to be coming unmoored at once.

The DC press covering for Fascism. CNN employing Fascists. A Fascist with roughly half the votes necessary to wipe his ass on the White House furnishings.

We’re going to get a Pinochet, or a Jesse Helms, or a Ceausescu in the White House in our lifetimes, all because white people are fearful little shits. It’s enough to make you think the fabric of space /time is collapsing back into the 1850’s.

Give me your wheezing Thatcherite trash, and I’ll show you the fucking Republican party.

Keep sucking these people’s dicks, you lepers.

when the soft NPR left thought it was cool to suck Tea party dick. When “the voices of disaffected white Americans” was a call to spontaneous journogasm. But we’ll just try to ignore the past few decades of Republican behavior and be nice, because when it comes right down to it, when Hitler comes to America, prefab suburb USA trash will be in the vanguard.

Jesus Christ fuck you people in your tracheotomy tubes. You don’t deserve a berth in this country.

It’s a godawful small affair
That Donald Trump has just boinked a chair
And Britannia released the hounds
So Nigel Farage could blow our clown
Now Mike Pence is nowhere to be seen
There’s a rumour he’s just bluescreen
With a haircut from Johnny Quest
And a Trumpsteak laid on his chest
But the flim is a saddening flam
Donald Trump is a rancid ham
Now Paul Ryan has boned his ghost
Switched the wine for piss with the host.

And he asks you to focus on races
Farther down the ticket
So far, maybe Trump can’t dick them too. Unless he calls them a Jew.
Take a look at the lawmen shooting up the brown guys
Oh man. Wonder if they’ll ever know
It’s the Pepe the frog show.
Could these fucks sell cars?

No matter how certain actors in a republic strive to convince themselves they look good in a pair of jeans, there is a god of death. And he is much stronger than Chuck Todd.

at this election, you’ll remember it as the one that showed which of your neighbors were filthy with a special brand of American racism. Maybe you’ll even stop inviting them into your homes, or sharing meals with them, or passively listening to them as the corruption of the grave starts to seep out of their mouths, or accept their direct falsehoods as the product of a tough upbringing, or well-meaning ignorance.

But my experience shows Americans prefer to tell themselves their neighbors would never herd them on to cattle cars, or buy their homes on the courthouse steps after they’ve been deported, or removed to a camp. But in this, as in all things, listen to the people who have been there. Blacks. Jews, Native Americans. Not the mayonnaise lickers who started us down this path, and not their enablers. The shun is long overdue. It is the most effective restraint on the reign of hatred.


EDIT: And don’t forget they would have sold us out to the Russians. Traitor trash, every last one of them:

Midwesterners mistaking Pence’s placid midwestern bovine stupidity for “composure” is the most goddamn midwestern mayonnaise bullshit ever.

Now that Trump has begun another slide in the polls, it’ll be interesting to see which character traits predominate among Republicans downticket. Cowardice or dogass racism? Seeing that racism is a byproduct of gutlessness combined with the arrogance of brain damage, I’m betting cowardice will get the upper hand within a couple of weeks.

Everything I’ve seen in his voters shows they’re all in with the suicide pact, though. If you’re calling yourself a Republican these days, you’re strictly a barking at the moon piece of Nazi filth, and should be bound, stamped, and shipped to Russia.

I always wondered if there was a space here in the US where you could at least dream of comfort. It doesn’t surprise me much that decency is the first option to die. We all grew up among the resurgent white nationalism of Reagan. Only some of us saw it as a splendid white cone of sugar for racists to suck.

Turns out, the racist hippies and racist hipsters were always in the ascendant. They were always just looking for a way to get out of doing a motherfucking thing. And the racist angle fed them like you’d feed some exotic reptile.

Republicans sure do love them some flake. It accounts for their fucked up personalities somewhat.

The ones too poor for coke are just evil dumbshits.