I always think it’s crass to speculate on the lives of people in love. Maybe even worse, it’s a symptom of that  little town mind Shirley Jackson wrote about with such devastating clarity. But I’ll tell you Republican trash one thing: You don’t know shit from love, and that alone will be your undoing.


It appears the local Republicans have rediscovered my blog after shoving it in the memory hole along with the arrest, trial and conviction of their poster boy Wallace” Fatty Arbuckle” Bradsher. They’re just one more Kyle Puryear DWI from flooding my comments section with the tattoo artists, bike trash, gunhumpers, ski-doo wife swappers, skull masked child abusers and Nazi regalia collectors that are the backbone of PJ Gentry’s monkey battalion.

The guy who has been encouraged to believe he’s the chair of the Republican party while PJ yanks him from the coonskin cap on top of his head to the heel of his rawhide shoe thinks I’d have a beer with a Republican other than the one I’d pour over his head. I tended bar for what seems many a year, and It quickly became apparent you don’t drink with a man who needs a gun to appear in public. If you can’t live by your wits and the grace of your god given tongue you’re not only as good as dead when you walk out the door of your house, you’re courting death among your sphere of intimates; you’re bringing the shadow of desolation into your home.

If I believed in a merciful god I’d pray his mercy for your soul, and pray for it in abundance. But my god is history, and the close lipped oracle of history only tells me what fear driven men do. Fear driven men violate all ethical codes in the name of their god fear. Fear driven men savage continents with war. Fear driven men sacrifice their homes, their wives, their moveable goods and their children to personalities who exploit their fear. This is a photo of Joseph and Magda Goebbel’s children, sacrificed to the God of fear. Fear is mindlessness. Fear is submission to every evil inclination. It’s putrid. It’s the mother of wrongs.

This is where the Stephen Miller/Trump/ Putin /White Nationalist/Neo–Confederate horseshit leads inexorably, beating backwards, boats against the current of decency. You don’t know it yet, but your ass is a rock and roll suicide. The ineluctable modality of history says the wrong bring destruction about their own heads. Who are we mortals to mourn?

cop trash will turn the guns on non-racist Americans, here’s yet more proof. The baseline for police protocol is pro right-wing and fundamentally anti American.

They’ll help Nazis kill your kids. It’s that fucking simple.

This will be the final interpretation of historians, who seem to have it together a lot better than “journalists”.

To make them all such racist pieces of shit? The baseline is white supremacy.

Or is it that sweet, sweet Republican cash?

this town is just chock full of skinheads just itching to help a black family. I’m just too judgmental about Trump voters.

Every time I see another report from the asshole of America, it will remind me that this stupid shit appeared on Nancy Nall, and they keep throating this propagandist’s choad.

Yesterday, at a gas station in southern Ohio, I saw an interesting sight. There was an SUV with its hood propped up and three very frustrated individuals crowded around it trying to figure out what was wrong. A beat up red pick up truck arrived in the parking lot. A man in his 60s got out. He walked over to the SUV and started talking to them. When we pulled away from the gas station, he was trying to help them with their car. It was a friendly interaction by someone who genuinely wanted to help.

The pickup truck had a Trump-Pence bumper sticker and a Confederate flag on it. The man also wore an open carry sidearm on his belt. He was white.

The three occupants of the SUV were African-American.

I still haven’t seen any takedowns of this Paul Harveyesque racist cracklicking on that blog. It’s now virtually a daily celebration of Republican daddies out there. There’s a terrifying deafness for clumsily written white power tracts. It’s primarily the old limpdicks there who continue to applaud such horseshit, but they ain’t the primary ass-kisser.

That the Bushy greaseballs wrapping themselves in the flag and howling Support the Troops! were just racist pieces of shit who didn’t want to pay taxes.

White America is a toothless old cokewhore careening from fix to fix. It needs to be burned to the fucking ground.

Because they know goddamned well that traitors swing by the neck until dead. And the last thing they’ll hear is the crack of that spine.

In fact, it’ll will be the first and last they’ve heard from that quarter.

The trashiest of dumb white fucks seem to agglutinate in that shithole. Maybe they ought to self deport.

It’s not only these people we have to worry about. It’s their eulogizers. The people who celebrate this trash as not just some inevitability of po white America, but confuse them with Christ figures.

Y’all gonna deeply regret kissing that preacherboy ass one day if you ever wake the fuck up.