The local Republican party is full of gutter scum like this. They can’t help it. Trashiness is in their blood.

There is a point where your country has ceased to be your country. I’m reminded of  the ways the law tonguefucks useless, ineducable white trash.

And now we have this.

If this is what it takes to keep white garbage on top of the food chain, then white garbage isn’t worth the can.

Show me any sleek lime-shirted troglodyte who gets liquored up and does his whoring to beach music and I’ll show you a fucker who’s been in the company of a Republican judge. They may have intentionally or unintentionally swapped vesicle fluids at a beach or lake house while hopping from one leather skinned boffbunny to another in one of those weekend vodka shuffles. Could be they done run into one of their old Citadel buddies and had to drop trou and do the Mr. Peanut among the mosquitoes and sand fleas, too.
It’s the same old same old across the whole of the buck-toothed twelve-fingered shithole of the recessive states, and you’d have a harder time not finding a bunch of them with the same moussed-up pompadours, wearing their outsized asses halfway up their back than you would finding the fossil remains linking one of them to modern hominidae.
Here’s this well connected fucker from Charleston who’s set to adjudicate the latest racist murder coughed up like a bloody lung boil from Fox News and the Dixie Swastika waving trash who will be the first to be raptured when malaria makes its triumphant return to treasonland. His story sounds suspiciously like the genital cupping practiced by our local judges and drunkass miscreants.
Here’s the relevant passage, but do read the whole article. It sounds just like old home week here in Bugfuck county, NC.
I keep expecting Kyle Puryear and Judge Gentry to make cameo appearances.

Gosnell feels there was in fact a fifth kind of person in the world, that being a fellow judge.

“There are four kinds of people in this world—black people, white people, red necks, and n—-rs,” Gosnell advised a black defendant.
The defendant in that case was a fellow Charleston judge, Joseph S. Mendelsohn, who had been arrested in the town of Mount Pleasant on the night of November 8, 2003 for driving under the influence and having an open container in his car.

Mendelsohn was processed at the Mount Pleasant police station and informed he would then be transported to the Charleston County Detention Center pending a bond hearing the following morning.

At the prospect of having to spend a night behind bars, Mendelsohn telephoned a Mount Pleasant judge, who essentially said that the law was the law.

Mendelsohn then called Gosnell, and put him on the line with a Mount Pleasant police lieutenant.
“[Gosnell] asked that Judge Mendelsohn be brought directly to bond court rather than first being booked into the detention center,” the finding reports. “The lieutenant refused to bypass the standard booking procedure, stating [Mendelsohn] would be booked like any defendant.”

Gosnell thereupon informed the lieutenant that he was heading for the detention center and would conduct a bail hearing there. Gosnell then called a court supervisor, requesting that staff be dispatched there so he could hold a hearing.

“During the conversation, [Gosnell] and [the supervisor] discussed that if a bond hearing was held at other than normal operating hours, [Gosnell] would be required to hold a bond hearing for all incarcerated defendants,” the finding says. “Respondent elected not to call in staff to hold bond hearings.”

Gosnell headed there on his own.

“[Gosnell] met the arresting officer and Judge Mendelsohn at the detention center,” the finding says. “At some point, [Gosnell] took possession of the ticket, placed a ‘bond hearing’ stamp on the back, and entered the amount of $1,002.00. When detention center officials expressed concerns over Judge Mendelsohn’s release, [Gosnell] remarked ‘this didn’t happen until 8:00 a.m.,’ or words of similar import and effect.”

The finding adds, “[Gosnell] acknowledges it was his intention to facilitate Judge Mendelsohn’s release without waiting for the morning bond hearing and to make it appear that Judge Mendelsohn’s bond was set at 8:00 a.m. in accordance with Mount Pleasant’s bond procedure.”

Are you taking notes, Judge Gentry?

EDIT: Gosnell is out for being a racist fuckwit. Too bad the DOJ can’t come in and sweep the same idiots out of Person County:

Puryear might not be on the road tonight if we’d had a modicum of judicial oversight.

This is what happens when you involve the state party in covering for your lily white ass:

Gentry was too old to serve another term anyway. Maybe the state bar will decide to retire him NOW.

Next time, try not to aim at your own goddamn foot.

If you’re a Person County Republican in bed with a sleaze ass DA, a shitheaded party apparatchik of a judge, and you happen to be a drinkbro of a shyster Hyco lake partyboy Dem lawyer, you can walk on not one, but two DWIs.

I’ll make a brief suggestion to anyone stopped at a DWI checkpoint over the holidays in this white trash funhouse: tell your lawyer that cops can’t just pull a drunk fuckwit without probable cause, and they should go fuck themselves.

There’s precedent.

Kyle Puryear and his friends are on the goddamned road.

I guess it’s slightly better than boning members of your high school wrestling team, or your baby sisters, but it still has that distinctly Republican contempt for the rule of law flavor that the country has yet to gouge out of its throat like a diphtheria membrane.

Here’s an interesting little story from a past ongoing failure of jurisprudence, and how God himself, in the mantle of history, elected to resolve it:

Drinky backwoods cunt Kyle Puryear done blowed himself both a DA and a judge and is now free to drive shitfaced again. Good luck Personians and folks from adjacent counties. If drunk fuckface Larry Yarborough don’t nail you on his way back from some shag motel in Raleigh, Kyle’ll run over your loved ones after spending all day juicing at the Elks’ club. Y’all sure know how to pick ’em.

Listen to this live thing. Ask yourself if the shit you listened to as a kid made your heart bounce against your ribcage as much.

You know, fuck this blogging thing. Once you actually connect with people you might know, you can’t say what you mean. I never realized how many liberals are swapping spit with the people who’d eat their dumbass frat-friendly babies until I tailored my work to the locals. Well fuck the shit out of that. To think I dreamed that one day I’d be able to breathe that rarefied air where no one you hung out with was burrowing their head in someone’s ass for a better job, or selling their god-given soul for a muscle-fuck with a lake hog just makes me long for a great plague, in which I have the privilege of vomiting my guts up first.

That said, here are some handy homeowner tips I’ve picked up over a chilly-billy winter.

1.You lumbersexuals better make sure you don’t have a predisposition to MS, or getting firewood to heat your thermapaned windowed bunnyshack will put you in the grave quicker than raw nicotene and DMSO.

2.The earth is simultaneously on fire and freezing. It’s a flaming ball of ice. You cannot live on it.

3.If you are raising sheep for meat, eat them as soon as they come out of the ass, because you are otherwise in for a world of stupid.

4.Cattle will eat hay. What they really want is no one’s guess. My bull likes to be scratched suggestively just above the anus.

I would not know this, but I was trying to figure out what he wanted.

5.The country life will alter your view of interpersonal relationships in such a way you won’t have any. 12/12/2014 1:28 PM


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