It'll look better with a little paint

It'll look better with a little paint

It’s not quite as hot here now, so I’ve been a little busy tying up loose ends before I resume work on the new barn. For one thing, I’m finishing up a log carrier so I can drag felled cedars out of the woods to use for posts. The last set I put up I dragged out with the pickup, but I don’t have the luxury of doing that now. The posts I just cut are on a steep incline, and they’ll have to be removed by human power.

I found a simple design for a log porter that retails for about $4000.00 , and decided to put one together with some scrap from an old boat trailer we found on the place. if you ever purchase an old farm, you’re sure to inherit a ton of junk. Don’t landfill it immediately. So far I’ve managed to build a wagon that doubles as a portable work station, a sheep milking stanchion, a forge, and now this beast from the tobacco tiers and various other impedimenta previous occupants have left behind. I still have a small mountain of scrap metal left, and I’m confident I’ll be able to put most of it to use.

I spent most of the day today turning the wooden handles for this, but I already tried it out on a 250 lb cedar log, and discovered it was worth the effort to build. I did have to purchase a set of skidding tongs ($120.00) and a couple of wheels with pneumatic tires ($30.00).

When I finally get mules, I’ll put a breast bar on this, so they can pull the logs for me.