After I finished milking the cow today, I took up my paintbrushes and started work on my Person County For Obama recruitment placard. I know I have numerous shortcomings as an artist, but even I can come up with a likeness after awhile, and after all, it’s for Person County. I’ve long ago given up the idea that art should remain separate from politics: About eight years ago, to be precise . And anyway, some tobacco spittle swilling douche stole our Obama sign from the road frontage.

New Sheriff in town, Biatch!

New Sheriff in town, Biatch!

When this sign I am currently making isn’t traveling with us to Roxboro, to encourage people to ask me “Where can I find the beach towel of this?” I will have it posted behind a barricade of thin plastic bags filled with the feces of my dogs, my own feces, and any old leftover paint I have lying around so any fuckbubble who comes up to swipe it will track crap into his SUV, and it will ruin his carpets, and by extension, his stupid fucking excuse for his stupid fucking empty-ass life.

I thought briefly about pungee sticks, but then I remembered what a litigious bunch Republicans are when God himself rips a hole in their sorry asses. And I’m really not a murdering, traitorous piece of shit, like the Republicans and “Independents” John McCain hangs with. I still have moments where I believe there is a polity, or at least something that could be expressed as a Venn diagram of decent, modest people that is made up of both parties. But today, I am wondering why I am so easily gulled.

The Republican party is inciting it’s bottom feeders to violence. That’s nothing new. But now they own the press.