The only thing better than the speech last night is hearing the lame asses whine about it. I see the party of Nativist terror has one turd left in their shit-flinging basket, and that’s the Bill Ayers gambit. This from the Party whose slack jawed cousinfucks gave us the Oklahoma City bombing, and responded to intelligence of an impending strike on the US with an insolent fratboy brainfart.

i’ve talked to a few of the  McCain slime molds while I’ve been phone banking, and they’s mighty testy. Maybe the meth don’t have the same kick it used to. Maybe the neighbors quit talking to them after their kid came home in a box. Well, fuck them. I’m tired of hearing them anyway. I keep hoping that we’ll turn them out of public life and then they’ll just evaporate like a gobbet of bloody spit on a griddle. But I’m aware that I’m indulging in magical thinking there; and their mentors on the radio will have them whipped into a murdering  crosseyed froth by election day.