It's amazing how long it takes to get a likeness of a chicken.

Not much done with painting today, but I got a small start. I have to find a lamp that permits me to paint indoors on days like this. Too dark.

UPDATE: I was just reminded, looking at this picture, of something my wife told me when she was looking at poultry sites, way back there in the early days of the web. A woman was looking for advice about her rooster’s swollen testicles.

Roosters have very small internal testicles. Caponizing the animal, or surgically removing its nuts, results in a chicken roughly the size of a turkey, but it’s an arcane skill, and I don’t even know if it’s done anymore  because of the percentage of fatal outcomes. Now, if it’s done at all, it’s done with hormones- a sort of chemical castration.

Anyway, no one could even figure out how this person even knew their rooster’s cods were swollen. Did she have a laser micrometer?  Was she in the habit of routine invasive surgery?

Turns out she was referring to its wattles. The heat dissipating things under its beak.

According to this woman at least, I am sporting a set of giant testicles.