The local Obama folks have me busy because my wife insinuated that I have free time. As a result, I am preparing booths and signage for a harvest fair thing announcing the beginning of early voting here in NC. Some days you wake up and feel like you’re a character in that short lived series “The Appletons”. I would be the misanthropic drunk who’s always threatening to wreck the church picnic, only I’m also, strangely, the only one in Appleton who can draw a thermometer that doesn’t look like a cock.

Some of the more dedicated volunteers were making a poster to tally donations for this event, but their thermometers kept trending dickward. So they asked me. Personally, I thought the dick was a better idea- and I suggested the legend “Please give, and help us fuck McCain”.

You can’t do things like that in the South, and I know it, but I’m still tempted to paint some pubes around the bulb of the thermometer.

Is there an apostasy gene?