I haven’t posted much over the past couple of days because I’ve been too tired to be coherent. I know this hasn’t stopped me before, but I thought I’d give y’all a break.
Today, at least, I can give you the results of a snap-judgment poll I’ve been taking while handing out sample ballots at one of our early voting locations in Person county.

I’m basing my judgments on a few assumptions about behaviors that professional pollsters and politicians would be wise to avoid, or at least, pretend to avoid. Here they are, so you can take them into consideration:
1) There are four black McCain supporters in Person County, one of whom may be leaning Bob Barr now.
2) The Republican shuffle – known by a short shuffling gait and an occasional upward tilt of the head to grimace at blacks or whites draped in a surfeit of Obama gear holding clipboards. Spittle. Pronounced facial tics.
3) The guilty white liberal slink. These people, when they’re not standing at the polls with clipboards, are so convinced of impending redneck voter suppression efforts involving fat, shaven-headed goateed men spilling from the back of a pickup truck with baseball bats, they arrive in Kevlar beanies and vests, sometimes even with a weapons-grade guitar slung over their shoulder. Person County has sixty of them.
4) The intransigently pissed off lifetime Republican voter. An older person who suddenly remembers the great depression with stunning clarity. The tell here is the watery eyes from reading their latest 401K statements.
5) Spontaneous dancing and celebration.
Based on these criteria, I’m seeing (corrected for the common visual disturbances brought on by heavy drinking) Obama: 6. McCain: Nudging 1.