It can take awhile for the judgment of history to roll around. After all, it took some time for the Romans to recognize that the Christians they were feeding to the lions outnumbered them substantially. But history obeys certain protocols,and the first is, the abusers are the first to complain of abuse. The historic victory of Barack Obama will long be remembered as a black day for papers such as the Courier-Times, and their subsequent drop in circulation will be blamed on carpetbaggers who perturbated the natural relationship between whites and blacks in friendly county, USA.

But the sorry fact is, here in Person County, we have a bit of an historic track of racism. As a white guy, I’d be more than willing to sweep the whole sorry spectacle under the rug, except for the fact I’m up to my neck in it.  During early voting, a current member of the board of elections asked me “How long have you been here?”. On its face, a  harmless question. But on reflection, one relating to the time-honored concepts of Blood and Soil, as enumerated by those snappy dressers at the Nuremburg Party Rally.  I have my Person county residency card, which I obtained after emigrating from Oxford (NC), and I also have a copy of the US Constitution which tells me my inquisitive friend was trying to abridge my First Amendment rights.

After eight years of the worst presidency in US history, I would not be moved.

We hadn’t even thought of distributing our voter education ballots until we heard that board of elections personnel were disseminating false information regarding straight ticket voting: Specifically, telling voters that a straight ticket automatically generated a vote for president. This would be … you guessed it, a felony. We (with the generous assistance of Obama’s legal team) had to correct that nonsense immediately. But it was the window for a  purrrrfect opportunity, and absolutely legal, and we all leapt on Larry Yarborough  with our sample ballots and drowned him like a sack of kittens.

I won’t apologize for it.

But I feel strongly that a local paper that elevates the views of paid Republican shills from Raleigh over those of its own citizens, and refuses to place the victor on the front page on the day following the election owes us all a detailed explanation of their motives: Any honest accounting would involve a discussion of endemic racialist hysteria.

In the words of justice “Fat Tony” Scalia, get over it.

The Civil War has finally been won. Ask your new government how you can help clean up the mess.