We’re finally getting a little taste of the weather that’s been plaguing most of the rest of the country. We’re at 15 degrees, thirty miles north they’re hovering around five.

I’m taking the opportunity to do some of the finicky jobs that just don’t get done when you can get outdoors and away from them. I even alphabetized my CD collection yesterday (except for the World Music stuff, mostly because I stopped being able to remember names about the time I started listening to Sunny Ade). If there is a modern activity that comes closer to  Memento Mori, I don’t even want to know about it.

The cold weather reminded me that we needed balaclavas, so I dug up some scrap fabric and got to work. This one is a mere proof of concept: I think it needs a plastic beak, through which one can exhale vapor. Suck on this, LL Bean!