I’d like to thank Brinn Clayton and Phyliss Boatwright for attempting to paint the Courier Times as a purely local paper that doesn’t dabble in national, or even state issues, while simultaneously questioning President Obama’s first acts as president based upon a selective interpretation of scripture. I found the level of unintentional semiliterate comedy unusually high, even for this publication.

I would caution both of them to keep in mind that there are people in Person County who actually use full sentences and correct punctuation when setting their ideas down in writing, and fully expect the shapers of even purely local discourse to demonstrate a familiarity with English, even if they hail from South Carolina.

There are people who expect even more. Proper syntax in coordination with a logical framework for argument makes it far less likely your reader will simply wad the paper up and wonder why he subscribed to it in the first place.

Brinn, using his inherited platform for discussing purely local issues, decides that Obama is a community issue, but only if discussed from a right-wing perspective. It’s his paper I guess, but I wouldn’t be going on too much about the taking of innocent life  if I had shilled for the Republicans. The death toll of post-partum Americans as a direct result of the world-historical incompetence of the previous administration should remind you of a more salient passage in the Bible: Thou shall not kill. But I realize that for Republicans, the idea of the sanctity of human life is restricted to the unborn.

I would also remind you that the party of Bill O’ Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, David Vitter, Ted Haggard,  Mark Foley, Neil Bush, Larry Craig, the drug dealing mama of Levi Johnson and the guy from Liberty College who was found dead, suspended in two wet suits  while performing a self-colonoscopy hasn’t got a collective leg to stand on when they’re trying to tell people how to live. But you expect a good half of your community to  remain silent  if it’s just some has-been pastor from Durham, or a shill from the John Locke Foundation speaking in “a local way “about national issues in the pages of your rag.

You do have one thing right. Your paper has scarcely any power to shape opinion. Eight years of Republican racism, intolerance and failure has entirely superseded your efforts.