I ‘m glad Bolan and Vittova got together on this one. I’ve been painting today, which almost always translates to I’ve been drinking today.

For a few months now, I’ve been replacing my standard painting solvent (mineral spirits) with Citrasolv. For painting medium I’ve been using walnut oil. The walnut oil you can eat. The Citrasolv, on the other hand, may smell very nice, but is probably just as lethal to work with as turpenoids.(Correction. It’s made out of food -grade stuff.) I was working on some underpainting , and noticed the paint diluted with citrus oil was dissolving the gesso ground, while the white wine was dissolving my forebrain.

My wife says I should drink red wine exclusively when I am working with solvents that could be mistaken for an exceptionally bold Riesling, or a bland Retsina.

The next time I refinish a wood floor, I’ll try mopping it with this first.