We torched this old elm Saturday evening, because it had become a spawning ground for termites. I was reluctant to set it alight because of its proximity to the house, but as you can see in the photo, it wicked nicely and we never had to deploy the garden hose.

At one point, when our previous neighbors were driving us to distraction, I was considering using this tree as the foundation for a potato gun and observation platform. They packed their sorry asses up and moved, though.

Our new neighbor is a nurse, and you never hear a peep from her. She doesn’t show up in the yard drunk at 4AM, doesn’t ask to borrow the car, or be driven to the nearest chicken shack so you can buy her a biscuit.

Neighborwise, we’re probably much worse, hooting at the animals or each other, trying to compensate for our approaching deafness. Hopefully she will avoid the temptation to launch potatoes at us.