I’ve been looking for a small stove to heat an attic room for a few years. One interesting find was a little shipboard stove designed for heating a 6’x10 ‘ area, and a teakettle to boot. Cost: $800.00. Mama wouldn’t have it, and to be honest,  it struck me as slightly obscene.

I’d acquired an old disc drum from a tractor trailer a few years back, that was, in my mind, destined to become a forge for blacksmithing. The internets told me it would only be a vale of tears, so I repurposed the drum. We have mountains of metal garbage here, so I had plenty of 1/4 steel plate to make the the top and bottom. The challenge, as my friends at the welder’s gas supply store told me, would be getting the cast drum to fuse with the weldable steel. Well, I was lucky this time, and was able to fit the thing together without the  nagging intrusion of science.

The next hurdle was to make sure smoke didn’t pour out of its top access door. So far, so good.

My wife is absolutely mystified at why I am so pleased with myself.

I ‘m a total dork for crap like this. Before too long I’ll be crafting body armor from old Schlitz cans.