I’ve been to many places in the United States, and I’ve also been to Lynchburg, VA. I assume Mr. Roberts has done some traveling, when he presumes to speak for American values, because Lynchburg may as well be Moscow, or Beijing, or Tehran. It’s one of the least American places on the planet. Pork-barbecue theocracy with a dash of scuba-suit kink and compulsory inbreeding is by no means a plan for the rest of this nation.

I know many Republicans are distressed that the promised thousand-year Reich didn’t materialize under their beloved imbecile king, but democracies have a way of sweeping the trash out periodically, especially when the trash has presided over the looting of the treasury, the delivery of the public trust into the hands of some pompadoured thugs, and the use of the Constitution as a doormat.

It seems obvious to me,  given the expanded wiretapping capabilities and the suspension of habeas corpus by the previous administration, that it would be prudent on the part of anyone to resist screaming “Fire” in a crowded theater, or calling for yet another treasonous attempt at Balkanizing the US,  unless they feel like a trip to Gitmo is their only shot at a Caribbean vacation.

In addition, proper English usage dictates “Democratic ” congress or party. The substitution of “Democrat ” when  the proper modifier is called for,  makes you sound like you were a forceps birth, or at best, raised in the woods by feral hogs.

UPDATE: They didn’t publish my letter, but they did publish this letter, for which they deserve a round of applause: It’s in response to the same goober I was poking fun at.

To the editor:

I am sick and tired of phony patriots like Ronnie Roberts bellyaching about our president. We held an election and the people have spoken. They said Barack Obama.

As a real patriot, I served in the Armed Forces of the US under six presidents, from Eisenhower to Jimmy Carter. I have bullet holes in my body as a reminder.

In my opinion, making public statements declaring that you hope our elected president fails goes beyond freedom of speech. To a patriot like me this borders on treason. If our president fails, then we fail as a nation. No American in their right mind would wish this. I didn’t shed my blood so some wing nut can make statements like this.

I am an African American who grew up during the 40’s and 50’s. Because of Mr. Roberts’ brand of Christianity, I was forced to attend a segregated school system. We had rundown buildings, outdated equipment and outdated books; however, we had great teachers.  My teachers taught me that America was founded as a representative Republic and not a Christian  nation. Nowhere in our Constitution does it mention anything about a deity.

I ask Mr. Roberts if he was forming a Christian Nation would he write into his constitution the State’s right to import slaves for the next 20 years? Would he write in his constitution that the descendants of Africans will be counted as only 3/5 of a person and that Indians would not be considered at all? Would his Supreme Court follow the Christian Doctrine of love thy neighbor as thyself and then uphold the constitutionality of racial segregation, even in public accommodations?

America is the greatest country in the world not because of Mr. Roberts’ brand of Christianity, but in spite of him and his wing nut friends’ brand of Christianity. Good will always triumph over evil.

Ernest Poole