Fred and Jack

Fred and Jack

We got another pair of mules today, seeing that Andy’s foot problems will take a little time to be corrected, and it’s good to have a pair you can dismount without scaffolding. These guys are sixteen hands and barely distinguishable from each other in both coloration and temperament.  Fred has a small bone spur on his jaw, and Jack has a small yellow spot on his flank.

We’ve put the cows across the street to keep the bull from going into paroxysms of bellowing at all hours of the night. I just started building a small shed there yesterday, where we had contractors stretch a woven-wire fence through a thicket of Virginia pine, greenbriar, poison ivy, and some of the biggest aileanthus trees I’ve ever seen. The mules will be a big help carrying the lumber there, as well as riding over periodically to make sure coyotes haven’t attacked  the calves.

The horseflies are bad this year ( probably because of the incessant rain) and I swear they’re bigger.  We’re also seeing dragonflies that appear to have been feeding on hummingbirds. We watched a few of them bounce a termite swarm a couple of days ago, eating the little bastards in flight. The wings were drifting to the ground in clouds of scruff. It was delightful.