DSC00005These guys are both very nice, but Jack is Mr. Hyde once he’s hitched.  I guess I was too slow, but when I was tightening his hame straps he gave me a pretty good bite on the collarbone. Once we got going, Jack was crazy for a minute or two, and I was unable to avoid driving over several substantial obstacles in the yard. After Tammie  got them hitched to the wagon, they slowed down a bit, and we made several circuits of a small pasture until they were responding to voice commands with minimal use of the lines. At this point the bull and steer saw us and broke into a panic. Jack and Fred gave chase. The wagon was bouncing around behind me like a can on a string, and I debated whether to leap from the vehicle and try and roll clear.

They finally slowed down again, and it was back to voice commands. They look so calm in this picture, considering they were bent on destruction just moments before it was taken.