We’ve been thinking about cutting a small logging trail through one of the woodlots so the mules can help snake firewood and timbers out to be milled. There are a number of yellow poplars around 30 inches in diameter , and seventy to eighty feet tall. There are also quite a few big oaks, but I’m reluctant to harvest any of them until I have a better way to mill them. There’s a bluff in these woods that drops suddenly on one face into a deep, wooded ravine. I’ve been thinking this would be a nice place to put a small timber frame house . You could, theoretically, at least, stretch a deck from the wall of the house over the gorge, and sit level with the treetops while you write, draw drink tumbler after tumbler of  whiskey.

Here’s a view heading up the hill:

Heading up the bluff. Oaks.

Heading up the bluff.

overlooking the creek

overlooking the creek