Llewd,  Fred and Jack are doing a brief public appearance at a local county fair. We went to visit them last night, to see if they’ve picked up any bad habits from the carnys. Fred appeared to be enjoying the attention, and from the way he was checking people’s hands and pockets, the funnel cakes, fried Three Musketeers bars and cotton candy. Jack was mopey, but it appears his section of the floor isn’t as rich and varied in snacks. He was yelling at people to come over and show him some love, but they don’t speak mule, and they think he’s pissed at them or something.

Only one more day, Jack, then it’s carrots for you.

Llewd is parked beside a Belted Galway cow, and is demonstrating the Flehmen response to the youngsters.

“Why is he sniffing her like that?”

Possible responses:

“He is trying to determine her suitability as a mommy?”

“Her wind song stays on his mind?”

“The last time he traveled anywhere and got put in a pen, he got pussy.”