For a while I thought I was on some sort of a spiritual quest. Then I realized that  a person’s avenues to God might be determined by genetics, money, and hard work. I would have fallen back on science, and the notion of discipline and the grindstone of rationality had I been equipped with something resembling a brain, but the god of such things buggered me stupid, and left me wondering awake at night just how many people have I unintentionally hollowed out by being willful, or vapid, or neglectful. The world’s religions say it’s simple. All a matter of the ear. I salute them.

My sole question is, why does it seem like all the jerks get to have an audience with God, and then go on to write his name in the firmament. Stravinsky was a jerk. Nabokov. Bernini, Caravaggio, Joyce. All jerks.

But I don’t care, much. As long as they do shit like this.