We hired a bunch of southside VA white trash to put a fence in on the northern boundary of our property, because we had some naive faith that they would be acquainted with the intricacies of posts set into the ground and strung with wire. This was not the case. They were, however, most unsolicitedly helpful with killing snakes and various other wildlife they came into contact with while goldbricking and dumping fast food trash and beer cans on our property. My first cue that we were about to be dicked out of the money we laid before these homonculi was the bible prominently displayed on the bench seat of the truck they insisted on driving for a journey of more than fifteen feet. The other cue had to be the string of virtually unintelligible quotes from Hee-Haw and Jerry Clower: when I hear this shit, I yearn for Kevlar. It’s also an unnecessarily redundant  suggestion that I’m never entirely free from the criminal classes from which my wife had to distance me. Anyway, I’m still fixing the shit job they put up, and I will be until spring, while all the jobs that hiring them would free me up to do will wait another year.  In addition to our money, these freaks got themselves  a Regent grad for a governor so they can meet openly as leather fetish urine drinkers and root hog for the return of segregation. Cokie Roberts has got wet shorts tonight.