I’ve been getting some ideas together for a portrait, and I haven’t done any figurative work for awhile. I thought it would be good to work up a couple of studies before I get back to slogging through my own stuff.
I wish I’d taken a little more care on the rough drawing of this copy of a Meredith Frampton portrait. I was initially only concerned with trying to approximate his paint handling. At this stage of his career as a portrait painter, he’s a lot like Ingres, but his technical mastery of color is superior. He gets even better later on. His later portraits transform his subjects into abstractions without straying from rigorous classical draughtsmanship. His stuff took so long to produce he was never really able to put together a show.
As I said before, I was less than methodical with this copy, so I’m going to wind up with a sort of Paul Delvaux version of a Frampton for all my excruciating pain. That ought to learn me.