There really isn’t. It looks like we’re going through the last of the supremely crappy weather this week, and can look forward to springlike temperatures over the next couple of days . I’ve been taking full advantage of the shitty weather to rest up my twisted ankle. For all its impressive blackish-purple swelling, it appears to have been only a minor sprain, and within a couple of days I was able to walk around normally.  It strikes me that it’s time to recommit to a few yoga exercises in the mornings, especially if I’m going to get anything done during the brief window before it gets too hot to dig postholes or enjoy a brisk stroll though the brambles with the scythe.

I’ve also been making progress in teaching Jane and Fred the rudiments of dressage. I get the distinct impression they are relearning, and that explains both their successes and failures. But the big thing, getting them to actually go when you say giddup! or hyahh! has been accomplished. They respond best to a combination of vocal commands and just a slight pull on the reins. Getting them to move forward still occasionally involves hitting them on the butt with a switch or the extreme end of the reins, but before too long it should be unnecessary.