The  eight or nine twisters that touched down in the state last week brought enough rain with them to wash away a huge chunk of our driveway. After exhausting all of the fragile spots remaining that permitted me to get the car out, I figured it was time to get the shovel and move it back into place. That’s all done, at least until the next downpour, and my wife has propped me up in a soft chair and set up a nice feeding tube with some liquid food, not too far from the home defibrillator.

We’ve been watching the Lady Gaga videos. Some douche is claiming that she’s turning the Arab states against us. I would think anyone watching some of these would think we’re doing well over here, seeing as clothing designers have their hands full working for the women’s prisons. She’s like Cindy Sherman with a sense of humor, and she at least deserves a Medal of Honor, or a V.C. or something, for cleansing  the  public memory of Madonna and Brittney Spears. I never cared for dance music, but that’s cause I can’t dance.