This girl and her mate have parked their asses in a Dogloo not too far from our bedroom window and every half hour she’ll shriek “How’s it look out there?!” and he shrieks “Not a damn thing! Nothing. Quiet even! Good night for sleeping!” Then she rearranges herself in the Dogloo and it sounds like living next door to the apartment of someone who owes the mafia a lot of money and hasn’t paid up in a while.

We have too many geese as it is, so Tammie decided to raid the nest and reduce mama’s potential hatchlings to one. She got this picture before she started.The proper auditory accompaniment to this image is someone letting the air out of a tire on an idling passenger jet.

CORRECTION: Tammie tells me George the dog has been stealthily pulling eggs from this nest for some time, and that’s why he’s always short of breath and constantly has the squirts.