For the past several days I’ve been working on a masonry project in the mornings and returning to the house around noon to collapse from heat exhaustion. Around five, when the worksite is in shade again, I go back out to have a look, and find someplace to sit down.

Today when it got too hot to play with bricks and mortar, I grabbed a couple of notepads and headed up to the pond to sketch and try and do a little writing. It was hot there at the pond, and there were a few deerflies who waited for me to get into flow before they began biting me between the toes. Even in the shade, I was in a kind of  magnetic bottle of heat. Good thing I brought some bug juice. Still, I could only bring myself to write some crap about crustifarians trying to steal an old Volvo from some hippies. In the heat. Near a body of water.

The dragonflies were numerous and varied. The mild winter seems to have been a boon to them.