All the talk of secession from here in the hinderparts of the nation recently has got me wondering if there hasn’t been a successful invasion from a parallel world of hairy backed Civil War reenactors whose own planet is experiencing a shortfall of energy drinks and indoor toilets.

I know they can’t be natives, because they’d have to be fucking defectives to believe that they just wouldn’t go from a ghost ridden sheet-wearing child marriage enclave to a UN human emergency zone virtually overnight.

I’m also appalled that our educational system has failed to inform our Young Fresh Confederates what creeps their heroes were, and that they ignore some fairly obvious signs of the  malign spirit that made the American South the incubator of the evils that were coming to strangle the world in the century that followed.

Here are just a couple of them I stumbled upon without even having to look.

This is  the austerely named prison #6, in the older section of Danville, VA. It was one of seven large tobacco warehouses that were appropriated for containing Union troops unfortunate enough to be taken prisoner by the shoeless monkeys who made up Lee’s army. The South’s petty insistence on arcane feudal notions led to the creation of bathroom and feeding priveleges based on rank, which meant the enlisted men slept where they shat their ration of gruel on the floor. Smallpox swept through the prisons, and was communicated thereby to the good citizens of Danville, who late in the war, campaigned fruitlessly to have the prisons removed to a more distant location. It’s almost a given that if the South had pulled it off, those citizens would have joined the Union soldiers in the prison, before being interred in one of the mass graves just up the road on Lee street.

After the war, the Union army disinterred some 1300 bodies from mass graves the confederates dug to accommodate the spiraling death toll from sickness, starvation and exposure in the prison, where early internees were able to watch their clothes rot completely away.

It’s a testament to the perseverance of the families of these kids that most of them were identified and relocated to individual graves, the majority of them reburied on the home ground of the war criminals.

There are also quite a few graves of Federal troops who came from Tennessee.

If you head up to the newer section of town, you can visit “The Last Capitol of The Confederacy.” where Jeff Davis and his cabinet stayed while they decided which South American country they were going to flee to. This is the Sutherlin house: The same fuck who donated the tobacco warehouses to house prisoners. In the meantime, Lee was sacrificing a bunch of teenagers on the field at Petersburg and Appomatox to give Davis and Co. a little breathing room.

It’s somewhat less than tastefully decorated with the emblem of American Nazi irredentism. Particularly galling, given the downtown  is majority black.