This is one of Danville’s more impressive abandoned structures, more for its footprint than anything else, but admirably restrained for a piece of architectural gigantism. If I’m not mistaken it has its own hydroelectric power source, as it’s situated directly at the fall line of the Dan.
It was the Dan River Fabrics loom mill until recently, when they shipped everything to Gujarat because American workers were hell bent on destroying everything good about the good part of America. So ownership and management showed them just how big a fucking ghost town they were willing to make. WalMart weren’t no help either.
I wonder if anyone could convince the UAE or the Saudis to set this place up as an international market on the scale of the DeKalb County Market in GA, b with the addition of interior ski slopes, a horsetrack, a couple of cinemas, Thusrday night wrasslin’ (Jello and Mud) and a wet T-shirt Bible verse recollection contest. I’d be up for the re-creation of Nero’s Golden Palace in styrofoam, since the real one recently collapsed.
Secretly, I just want to be able to stop for lunch here and get a falafel platter, or a babaghanouj sandwich with catsup*

*You can’t even get one of these in the multicultural Mecca of Durham.