From the twats in their Colonial Williamsburg drag to Paul Ryan with his Reagan strap-on hairdo, I can pretty much let it go. They are, after all, born without many of the recent developments in human cortical structures. This crap gets me though.

Poor old white slaves pining for the majestic South, where they were perhaps justifiably the arse of the whole system; living on its fringes, eating acorns and rodents and “dabbling into” the jut-eared buck toothed inkwell of incest until Jeff Davis and Robert Lee decided to try and erase their bloodlines by throwing them up against troops who had been properly fed, shod, and armed.

That flag is the symbol of the undoing of many of their pathetic ancestors, and the fucks don’t even know it. It could just as well be a flag commemorating lightsocket licking and gasoline huffing in addition to its established associations of treason, gobshite racism and taking one up the ass for the old sadists up in the big house.
I don’t feel a shred of pity for them any more. All they do is stumble around bringing a world of hurt on themselves and others.

Maybe its the goddamn pinworms, or trichinosis. Who the fuck knows?

Anyway, here’s my sign, in its new home.