I decided to paint the sign facing southbound Madison Blvd. to look like something you’d find hanging in a bar near a US Army barracks shortly after WWII. The one where we fought the Nazis
I would say the choice was somewhat prescient, except we’ve always known that the Republicans have been trying to shoehorn Nazis into US politics since the cold war, if for no other reason than their mutual devotion to the concept of the master/slave relationship. It’s gonna be a fight. Richard Burr is filthy with Chamber of Commerce and Citizens United foreign donations. He’s also got the mortgage brokers’ hands so deep up his ass you can see their fingers when he opens his mouth.
I would remind Burr that having a genetic predisposition to being a traitor is still no fucking excuse.

These are my own opinions. The people in the Democratic party here are fine folks, far less inclined to wish irreversible physical harm on our opponents.