I’ve made a lot of progress on my studio/shop, but I’ve run into a problem. There’s a bastard squirrel who keeps running up the walls and into one of the freshly spackled and painted upstairs rooms, doubtlessly intending to rip squirrel sized holes in the plaster and piss all over what it can’t chew up. I’m generally averse to turning a gun on problems, but this one has awakened something primal in me. Maybe it’s the constant, reproving “Yik,yik,yik”, or the sound of it excavating what appear to be cupfuls of splintered lath and plaster. There are still a few options left before I consign Mr. or Mrs. twitchy to foreverland, but they demand an almost inconceivable amount of shifting of my tired old ass.
My wife looked up “Squirrel Repellent”, and she ultimately landed a video of two grown men gleefully (and probably drunkenly) flushing squirrels from a particle board deer-hunting cubicle and shooting them with pellet guns or shoulder fired rockets or something. It was unseemly.
I’ve already trimmed away the maple branches it was using to access its favored entry point. I’m thinking polyurethane foam and hardware cloth will at least temporarily block its crawlspace entrance. After that, I’m at a loss. Moat of ignited gasoline? Taser?