I’ve got nothing, and haven’t had anything for awhile, and I’m not going to offer any excuses, just to say I’ve been doing a bunch of sleep-inducingly boring work while I try to keep my ass from freezing off. The weather called for sunny skies and moderate temperatures today, and they were right, in that, for a cloudy day where it appeared the sun went down at noon, you could almost count your fingers, and it wasn’t quite as cold as the walk in freezer at the Ag company where I used to work, where they kept frozen cow tits that I would retrieve (dressed in a parka whose weight and luff I have yet to encounter again) to whirl in a high powered Cuisinart and pass on to other lab monkeys who used its radioactive isotope markers to check it for the presence of herbicides, resulting in a shadow that haunts my existence, telling me I am merely a host organism for an entirely new self that will rip out of my guts one day while I’m trying to decide if I want pineapple at the salad bar. It will immediately run out into the parking lot and try and bum the cigarette I’ve been denying it since Clinton got his dick sucked.