I know, I know. Nonexistent posting. Now that we’ve got another war going, and we might get a little dusting of plutonium, the phrase “stupid motherfuckers” crops up too much. See? Can’t help myself.
The more proximal cause is a bunch of projects I’ve been working on that are taking up too much room in my pea brain.

I’ve been working on this variation on a Shaker workbench for months now. It’s constructed from lumber I ordered for a horsedrawn sledge, and the lumber is on the ponderous side.
It’s got a distinct Albert Speer deco vibe, but heavy to monumental is the order of the day here.
I made myself ill welding the components (collected from scrap right here on the farm) for this chain-driven tail vise.

This is as close as I’ll ever get to rocket science, and I’m not going to do it again.
I’ve yet to complete the leg vise, but I got the pieces sawn and prepped for that last week. It’ll go up either today or tomorrow.
I’m already using the table, and as you can see, it’s cluttered with another host of projects.

I’m thinking about sponsoring a family of Japanese artisans to come over and help us farm, or build furniture, or a two hundred foot medieval barn.