Nancy’s post on Sex and the City 2 this morning elicited this comment from Alice, who also helpfully forwarded this segment of the film, which features booty dancing from Liza Minelli and some of the finest damn reaction face-pulling I’ve ever seen outside of a high school production of Carousel.
alice said on April 6th, 2011 at 12:15 pm

This scene from SATC2 still haunts me.

I guess I’d have the surprisey face too, considering that Liza’s wattles simply cannot be removed through editing. The spontaneous crowd dancing is nice, too. “Georgio Moroder Goes to a Well Deserved Hell and Contracts Chlamydia Every Thursday for Eternity” could have been an alternate title for this movie if it weren’t too long.
I’m just harshing on stuff like this because I’ll be damned if I believe “The Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island” were ever worth twenty or so feet of film stock, and now I’m convinced some sadass is already putting together the storyboard for one or both of them. And he worked on this movie. Don’t tell me if it’s already happened. I wish to remain ignorant.
I have an idea for a film. It’s called “I think I showered with this guy in the dorm at school.” It’s about a guy whose knees point the wrong way, and he has a strangely hairy ass. He has plans to auction his scrotum off to be used as a one-off Louis Vuitton handbag to stave off debt, but instead, he gets a job working up TV shows into feature length movies. He develops Chlamydia on location in Abu Dhabi during a rewrite, and Vuitton gets his scrotum for a song.