We opened a bottle of Txackoli Txakoli (Ameztoi) last night to celebrate my wife’s birthday. It’s like a very dry champagne, too easy to to drink, and we were pretty much useless after the first glass (you drink it from a 12 oz tumbler).
We needed something simple for dinner. Lately we’ve been roasting the garden vegetables with a little olive oil, crushed red pepper, salt and either Reggiano cheese or nutritional yeast flakes*.
This works for summer squash as well as beets, carrots and potatoes. For zucchini, just slice them in half-inch strips, toss them in a plastic bucket with the olive oil and spices to coat, transfer them to a baking sheet, then put them in a preheated 450 degree oven. Shut the oven off and leave them while you go drink some more or teach your pet crow to say something enigmatic, like “Quit fuckin’ that chair!”**
We ate the roasted veg with a baguette, chèvre and olives.

*Much tastier than it sounds.
** My wife seems to think I should de-enigmify this up front, as opposed to waiting for the inevitable questions.
Our cockatiel Balto is always humping the office furniture. There’s one chair in particular that gets him hot.
Frankly I don’t know how he stays hydrated.