I’ve been doing some construction work around the house, and somehow forgot this disc full of cloudscapes I took a couple of weeks ago as a storm blew up.

I mostly took them as a crutch to use in a painting I’ve been working on, a picture of my mule Barney running along the banks of a river at the golden hour, with an industrial fire sweeping through some buildings in the distant background. You know, a strictly decorative piece.

I’ve run through a couple of color trials with copies of the original sketch, but I haven’t really gotten around to setting the fires yet, or even drawing the buildings in properly. I’m planning to crib from these photos of warehouses in Danville as a model.
I still think this country’s best contribution to architecture is the 19th century industrial variety. Especially these old red brick behemoths. Someone with some money could do beautiful things with this old town.