A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I put together a small cookout for our local chapter of Organizing For America as well as the local Dems. We figured with all the work we’re going to be doing on the house this fall (building a deck, greenhouse, and remodeling the bathroom) it might be the last opportunity for us to lend some substantial effort to the Obama campaign. Quite a few people chipped in with food, but the pork barbecue we subcontracted fell through, and there was a bit of panicked last-minute food buying as I tried to hold the hungry crowds at bay with little more than a couple of packages of Not-Dogs, konjak-powder “shrimp” and soy chicken kabobs.
Fortunately some of the attendees were ready to cook the hamburgers and beef hot dogs a couple of folks raced out to get. Even in the 103-105 degree heat.
Meanwhile, the OFA coordinator for our area was detained by some zealous local policemen for having an open container. It turns out he had his recycle tucked in a backpack in the trunk of his car.
The police took his car apart, found his Obama gear, and proceeded to fuck with him. When he pointed out the report they were preparing to file did not mention that the ‘open container’ was in a closed container in yet another closed container, he was arrested for “resisting an officer.”
This delayed the arrival of the twenty foot Obama banner and a stack of voter registration forms, which would have been immensely useful, and set the tone for another portion of the evening.
Around dusk a short bed pickup pulled into the parking lot of the public park we’d rented. They’d spent a bit of effort bolting a flagpole to the bed of the truck, upon which they’d hoisted the Confederate stars and bars. They even put guy wires on the flagpole so they could drive fast, even with a six foot square flag flapping behind them. They circled through the parking lot about the time some of the elderly black women were sharing their scrapbooks of the 2008 campaign.

From their soulless Cranbrook punk of a candidate to the toesucking hirelings they subsidize at Fox News, the Republicans know the violent shitstorm they’re ginning up down here. And they don’t give a fuck.
So I was happy today, when Obama responded to Romney’s requests for an apology regarding his lying to the FEC and SEC about his tenure at Bain
Capital with this:
This is the kick in the nuts the Republicans have had coming since they saddled us with that wet-brained paranoiac Dick Nixon, retired male hooker Ronald Reagan, The Bush family, and the racist tea-trash they scraped out of the ass of Lester Maddox’s liquefying corpse.

Hopefully this will help reduce their upcoming Tampa convention to a circular firing squad.

Fuck them.