My wife bid $80.00 on an old check file filled with tools and assorted junk at an auction back in the nineties. Among some other cool stuff buried in the drawers, there was this:

I guess those are Balinese dancers etched into the cigarette case. It belonged to a Mr. L.D. Blackwell Jr. of Oxford, NC. If I remember correctly, he was a tobacco buyer for Lorillard. Maybe his employers were considering growing tobacco in Bali, or he was moonlighting as a CIA agent in the runup to the ground war in Vietnam. He may have purchased this cigarette case and lighter in the French quarter of Saigon on the same night he drank too much and was roughed up by a couple of East German double agents working for Phillip Morris. They left a cryptic note in Cyrillic characters among the dark miniature cigars they’d swapped out for his Old Golds: translated, it read

Tijuana smalls. It’s new baby, for you baby. We know who you are. We know who you are.

Sounds good, anyway.