I banded Llewd Wednesday, after giving him a shot of tetanus toxoid, and it was pretty uneventful, at least for me.
He remained calm throughout the procedure, remarkably so. I attribute this to my following my wife’s suggestion that I go handle his balls on a near daily basis- yanking on them, scratching the fly bites, basically treating him like your average Republican House member treats a Koch brother, minus the sucking off.
He got his second tetanus booster this morning, after a day or two of him wandering around, trying to remember what used to seem so important.

His balls do look like a pair of maracas.

I’m not going to post a picture for the morbidly curious, even though the most hits I’ve gotten on this blog come from the time I posted a picture of my mule Fred’s titanic smegma encrusted tango hammer.

There are motherfuckers from Borneo who hit their dialup and wait half an hour for that picture to load. God knows how many hits I’d get for ‘bull Testiche swell’.

I don’t know if it bugs me more that I’m filling an obscure niche in the porn market, or that I haven’t figured out a way to make a dollar off it.

I promise I’ll post some pictures later, after Llewd’s problems have dropped clear away. BUT NOT OF THE TESTICHES !