I’m not going to post a picture of that Blake copy just yet. I’m ashamed of it on a visceral level. I’ve been drawing and painting long enough that I should be able to knock a copy out in a matter of days. Not this one. I wasn’t even striving for a replica, but it just has a superabundance of wrong.

I keep telling myself it’s because Blake must have had syphilis raging in his visual cortex, and I should have just traced the damn thing out with a projector to save the effort of trying to think like a man who regularly spoke with dead family members (and fleas, and bunny rabbits).

I don’t even talk to the ones who are alive.

I still like it, though, and once I figure out how to make it photogenic, I’ll post it along with the rationale for its companion study pieces, one of which is with this sorry, thin creature: