Rose has suggested we swap drawings via email, and instead of coming up with one out of the blue, I’ve decided to dress this old one up and put it on the blog because I have nothing else to blog.


For what must be a couple of years now, I’ve been trying to come up with a big painting to cover a large uninterrupted space on a wall in the really old part of the house. I figure an eighteenth century house built on a sixteenth century floor plan deserves something like a Stubbs, but I didn’t want to go entirely equine. I started drawing a cartoon based roughly on Balthus’ The Mountain, but while the neoclassical grouping works well for someone trying to make some L’Ecole de Weirdass point, I’m not trying to say anything at all. I want to make wallpaper.

The first idea was a flop, but it took a long time to draw, and I was determined to salvage something from it, so I put it aside and I went back to Stubbs. Looking through some photographs I took of my mules, I found a picture of Barney that looked like it been painted in thin layers of glazes over a silverpoint drawing, like Van Eyck.

I decided to steal Van Eyck’s Eve from the Ghent Altarpiece and seat her on Barney. I like this drawing, except for the fact that in this version, I was too lazy to think much, and I lifted some background details from Puvis De Chavannes’ The Prodigal Son.

I started to call this one The Prodigal Daughter, but while I was vacuuming one day I placed Eve and Barney up against the Balthus cartoon and voila!

I don’t talk to my paintings, and they rarely talk to me, but Eve told me to put her in that wallpaper and call it “The Rutherford Sisters”. So that’s what I’m working on right now. I always knew somehow that I’d go even more batshit if I kept at art long enough.