Busting my old ass has had its benefits. I get to finish up a few projects that have been idling for awhile without feeling guilty that I’m letting the fences go to hell or putting in that graywater system that will utilize all of our effluvia to the fullest.

“Those are some of the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever eaten.”

“Damn straight. Bursting with lycopene. And I did it all with my own special urine concentrate. Would you like to see how it works?’

“Uh. No.”

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for years is finish the study outlined in Bruno Lucchesi’s book Modeling The Human Figure in Clay. I always had trouble understanding how he achieved his results in clay, and set the book aside. I picked it up again once I found a supply house that carried sculptor’s wax, and it works a whole lot better for me than clay-plus I get to work in the house since wax is the perfect neatnik medium.



I’ve also been working on a Chinoiserie mantle in cedar for one of the upstairs fireplaces. I think this would also be a good basic plan for the head and footboard of a Ming dynasty bed knockoff.