I’ve been meaning to get my wife to snap a picture of this, but it’s just as well it didn’t happen until I was scraping the old lead-based paint near the apex of this side of the house, because at my age it’s not something I will be doing a lot more of.

I’m working in thirds on this section, and one third is already primed and painted. I removed most of the eighth-inch thick paint with a heat gun and a putty knife, before attacking it with an angle grinder and coarse discs to remove the charred powdery remnants. I especially dislike this part because of the hypersonic grit that strikes my goggles and exposed parts of my face, and the finer particles of it that accumulate (despite the goggles and respirator) in the corners of my eyes, my nostrils, my throat, my lungs.

I don’t know if high blood lead levels will make me stupider or crazier at this point. As my wife says, how the fuck would I know? I know I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, but I’ve always been sleeping a lot lately.
I can now rationalize this as a heroic stand against the Alzheimers that seems to strike a lot of the males in my family.

You know those internet sidebar ads about the six warning signs of Alzheimers? Well, I’ve had most of those since I was about eleven years old. Perhaps supplemental heavy metals will correct these.