It was a 65 degree day today, and we had already planned to go get more apple trees for the orchard we intend to make of our farm, so we drove over to the other end of the county to get them trees.

It’s a drive through some of the most architecturally challenged upland wilderness a modern is likely to see unless they claw their way through the forests at the source of the Nile. Even the old plantation houses are schlepped together from spare parts, or were conceived in absolute degeneracy.

I hate to think of disparate cultures thrown upon this wilderness by primeval capitalism, scourging, fucking, scourging, fucking, until they produced Yanceyville, NC. And it is a hate that drink brooks not, and thinking makes worse

But it is a traditionally unionist part of the state (is this goddamn Italy or what?) and the guys who are grafting our apple trees have a newspaper clipping of Obama giving one of their student helpers an award, posted prominently in their grafting room.

In the woods. In NC.

The Republicans days are small.