You can almost hear the IV Valium Demerol drip of Mississippi mud slurring out of this leather-faced displaced Louisiana arse crawler’s pie hole. He’s very angry that the fake candidate the Republicans fielded as a Democrat made such a resounding thud as Ray Jeffers’ GOTV gunned him down, down, down.IMGP0881

Louisiana boy is mad at you, voters. He’s mad at Ray, he’s mad at the recycling center, he’s mad at Raleigh, he’s mad at his pants what won’t zip up no more, he’s mad at the ice cubes in his Long Island iced tea what keep-a-melting and spoiling his drank.

He’s stomping mad. Mad enough to try’n remember that stump speech the next time he has to give it. Mad at you takers who don’t know what it is to work for an oil company for a few years before becoming a full-time candidate for political office for the next twenty. And those are hard, alcohol steeped years. The years you can barely get up and get that collar on your hot, unshaved neck to go politicking down to the Elk’s club.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give youThe Elvis of Hyco Lake Larry Yarborough:

“It will be very hard to run against a candidate who promises giveaways to different groups,” Yarborough said Tuesday. “Right now, he is giving a state-of-the-art recycling center to the landfill opponents, while the [sheriff ’s office] deputies haven’t had a raise in years.

“I’m sure he will promise all kinds of goodies from Raleigh,” Yarborough added. “We need a representative in Raleigh who is a member of the ruling party and can work from within to benefit our counties.

“We need someone who will work to reign in the job-killing regulations and get Raleigh off our backs,” Yarborough continued. “We need someone who knows what businesses need and will work to create an environment of opportunity for our businesses and jobs for our citizens. I am that man and we still have work to do.”

Well said, Elvis. I couldn’t have written a better epitaph for your political career myself. The only thing you forgot to add was “I hope all you white people will think long and hard before you vote for someone what ain’t white.”
….oh, wait. I’m sorry. You done said it.