When his/her lips are moving. Why in hell would they listen to the citizens of Person County when they can’t be arsed to listen to their shareholders?

“The board was well aware of the company’s longstanding violations, yet failed to take any meaningful action to prevent further harm,” the shareholders said. “Instead, the board caused or allowed Duke Energy to operate without proper permits, continuously pollute the environment, and fail to properly inspect the company’s coal ash ponds.”

It’s like they’ve always said about Republicans and capitalism: they’re the biggest cheerleaders for it until it smacks their teeth out through their ass. I’m sure the folks at Duke Energy will find a way to bite the invisible hand, once a few of their sockpuppets up around Hyco Lake arrange to get them some dentures.

In addition, They’re going to keep dumping their toxic shit in your landfill, and they’ve enlisted every local Republican tub of guts to help them. If you keep voting these slugs in, it’ll only get worse.

H/T BlueNC