White people, Republicans especially, seem to think it’s alright for them to stand on a corner and yell nigger nigger nigger. They feel no need to apologize for their general shittiness or slovenliness until they’re threatened with jail or a loss of income.

Larry Yarborough stood on a street corner and yelled nigger nigger nigger. In doing so he used photoshop to accent his slurs.

Larry doesn’t seem to understand that as a public figure, he’s not at liberty to behave like a child where his picture might be taken, and he’s not at liberty to demand they be taken down. In fact, that would be an abrogation of the very liberty he takes standing on a street corner yelling nigger nigger nigger.

He’s a drunk fratboy. He’s running for public office. He deserves deference why? That’s for the circle jerk of Person County Republicans to figure out. They need to learn to keep the drunk at home, like me.

EDIT: The North Carolina Republican Party and its teabag subsidiary are lower than shit. There are no redeeming features or qualities. They’re an excrescence. A carbuncle. if you’re not fighting them, you hate your country:


And another edit, this time courtesy the former chair of the South Carolina Republican Party. He sounds like he’s fighting Kyle Puryear’s “war”:


If you’re not fighting Republicans, you’re in bed with them.