Too many of the people who are used to owning and running this county are still clinging to life, and insist on legislating from the edge of the grave. Our institutions are deeply compromised by the presence of old men and social climbers who can’t distinguish between love of country and a desire to ensure they are perpetually flush with cash, even unto their last struggle for a mouthful of air. Part of the problem is that lake and the scuzz that drifts up around it, like wads of hair and dust underneath a mildewed old sofa. It’s a floating world of drunkards, race baiters and theocrats, all of them whistling Dixie out their assholes.

Well at least now the county elders who’ve been power-tossing each other’s salads from the courthouse to the banks of the Hyco will soon have the option of marriage, and they can make themselves partly honest men.

There is progress in this world, after all.