If you’re a Person County Republican in bed with a sleaze ass DA, a shitheaded party apparatchik of a judge, and you happen to be a drinkbro of a shyster Hyco lake partyboy Dem lawyer, you can walk on not one, but two DWIs.

I’ll make a brief suggestion to anyone stopped at a DWI checkpoint over the holidays in this white trash funhouse: tell your lawyer that cops can’t just pull a drunk fuckwit without probable cause, and they should go fuck themselves.

There’s precedent.

Kyle Puryear and his friends are on the goddamned road.

I guess it’s slightly better than boning members of your high school wrestling team, or your baby sisters, but it still has that distinctly Republican contempt for the rule of law flavor that the country has yet to gouge out of its throat like a diphtheria membrane.

Here’s an interesting little story from a past ongoing failure of jurisprudence, and how God himself, in the mantle of history, elected to resolve it: