“When your marster had a baby born in his family,” recalled an unamed formerly enslaved woman in Tennessee, “they would call all the niggers and tell them to come in and ‘see your new marster.’ We had to call the babies ‘Mr.’ and ‘Miss’ too. If a little white boy with a Roman-numeraled name said up was down, his captive black playmate had better agree. Once the boy was grown up into a planter, if he said up was down, who dared to correct a man who was accustomed to punishing disagreement with torture? Virtually all the members of the Southern aristocracy that seceded from the United States grew up with such a regime, going back ten generations for the oldest families among them.

Up became down more with every passing decade. and more incompatible with the outside world. The build out of the slavery ideology became more elaborate, more radical, and more delusional as each generation began from a more doctrinally inbred point of departure. Meanwhile it became more belligerent, accompanied by a vigorous suppression of dissent.*

Nothing she can do, not even hot tubbin’ with the Council of Conservative Citizens and going balls deep with the Klan will keep NPR and Chuck Todd from tongue punching Nikki Haley’s fartbox.

You know what would be fun to look at? Her campaign email server. Especially anything they had to say about Clementa Pinckney facing her on the Democratic ticket.


It’s refreshing at least to see Republicans acknowledge their base is the Klan and its related auxillaries, and the golden thread that binds Roger Ailes’ lips to David Duke’s taint will never be put asunder with the mere implosion of the Republican party.

Mitch McConnell says his senate candidates will obstruct Hillary Clinton, which is his way of dogwhistling that same old cow itch vine is going to keep snaking out of the shitpile of the South. The nullities will nullify.


I’m tired of refighting the Civil War with dirtbag Mississippi transplants and South Carolina shitheels. It’s time to get this thing rolling the way the FBI and Oregon state police handled Lavoy Finicum, and see how much of this secessionist white trash is willing to bleed for their doctrinal inbreeding.


*Ned and Constance Sublette, The American Slave Coast, p 62.

You must acquire this book and learn about your country before you die.