Sanders’ campaign is an embarrassment to adults. It should be a source of profound embarrassment to people who believed he was capable of following Barack Obama as President. Sanders is only a beacon of hope for Republican ratfuckers and Rand Paul tech bro beat-offs.

He’s Trump’s only shot at the White House. Gordon Liddy’s wet dream. Nader’s Nader. Smell that old man ass, suckers. I remember when he was supposed to “pull Hillary to the left.” Who’s going to pull the old son of a bitch back to Vermont to finish out his fucking cow-country sinecure?

I’ve got goddamn chickens who are a better judge of human character.
You bastards are due for a long, long period of rigorous self examination, and I don’t mean PLAYING WITH YOUR DICKS some more. Feel the burn in a goddamn fire, fucks.